Got Work? Jingle

Got Work? Jingle---by Art Jones

I want to tell a tale about some people that I knew

Who were looking for a job and didn't know what to do

Until along came Art with a resume in hand

I'm here to show you how to quickly understand

They sat and listened to---the story that he told

About some ancient slaves---a long time ago

How they up and left their houses and crossed the Red Sea

Moses said to Pharaoh...let my people go free

Out in the wilderness the people Got Work?

Some hunted food, while others tried to shirk

Moses went to God and asked for a hand

He got two tablets; sent to the Promised Land

The moral of the story while we snivel and complain

God sees a different path He wants us to refrain

He says, "Knock... it Shall Open"...The paths they are few

Dial Eight Three Three TRAIN YOU

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