Some of Our Services


We specialize in helping people create a good resume, fill out and submission of applications, prepare for interviews and knowing how to accept a job.

On-Site Training


  1. We actually bring our business to your business, home or church
  2. Individual Training 
  3. Group Training
  4. Motivational Speaking

Sales Training


We can train you or your staff in various  sales techniques and marketing strategies. We can hold weekly meetings  and gauge your progress and analyze your meetings, agendas and structure.

Managment vs Leadership


We offer a series of Classes to assist your Company with Leadership and Management skills.

Skill and Talent Analysis


We will analyze your skill set and talent range and see what fits best. 

Life Lessons


If you have a troubled young adult 18-25 that needs to learn discipline, respect, manners and courtesy perhaps my classes and boot camp environment can reduce some of those tensions in your life.  Sometimes we have to experience the refiner's fire before we can realize our dreams can come true.

Start a Business

Starting a Business


 This is a series of classes on Starting a Business

Coming Up With the Big Idea


 This is a class on coming up with a great idea for a business.

Laying Out a Business Plan


This is a class on laying out a business plan. 

Implementing the Plan


 This is a class on How to Implement the Plan. 

How do I Find Clients?


 This is a short class on Marketing.

How do I get paid in a timely manner?


 This is a short class on how to get paid promptly.


Leadership and Management

Additional Information

We are offering a nice menu of classes dedicated to helping Companies send their people at an affordable price and short time away from work to learn valuable Leadership and Management techniques and skills that will help them in their everyday jobs.  We can bring these classes to the business and at an hour when no interruptions can occur.  We can do a group discount to the Company if we are able to do more than one class to several people at the same time. Our website contains educational opportunities to less fortunate people and there are links that can help anyone become a better person and give them hope in making a brighter future for themselves. We will be offering these services in Las Vegas, NV,  Phoenix, AZ, Kingman, AZ and the surrounding communities.  We can offer classes via Messenger or video conferencing to other parts of the nation. We will offer the VA, Unemployment and Welfare exceptional deals to help them with their loads.

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