Story about Art Jones

SFC Arthur T. (Tyrone) Jones


Arthur Jones was born in Louisville, Kentucky 60 years ago.  He was raised in foster homes for a majority of his growing up years.  At the age of 13 he was put in a minor reform  school in Lexington, KY for delinquent behavior.  At 14 he returned to public school and his church found him a new foster home that kept him until he completed High School at 18.

At 20 Arthur joined the United States Army as a Calvary Scout (Recon) and for the next four years completed a two year stint in Germany and a two year stint as an assistant to the drill sergeants in 

Ft. Knox, Kentucky.

Arthur went into the reserves and served in a Water Purification  Unit for about a year and then he left on a voluntary mission for his church for 18 months.

At age 39 after being out of the Army for just over 10 years Arthur enlisted in the Army as a Heavy Duty Truck Driver.

88 M Heavy Duty Truck Drive (HET)


Arthur did two combat tours to Iraq in 2003-04 and 2008-09. 

Arthur was the Commandant of the HET Training Course in 2011.

Model of the HET 340 Man Hours in the Making


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