Veteran to Veteran the Army Does Not Endorse Any Business

I started in the Army in the 2/48 INF


I was in the Infantry from 1979-1981 my best Battle Buddy was Joe Moody, just to my right.

I was in the 257th Trans Company for 13 years!


From 1998-2011 I served the 257th TC under 5 different Commanders. I went to Combat twice and made my highest rank of Sergeant First Class in this unit.

I retired from the Army with the 645th ICHC


In February of 2016, after 37 years and 1 week, I retired from the United States Army.

I had 3 MOS's (Military Occupational Specialties)

19D Cavalry Scout with  LRRP Advanced Reconnaissance

88M Heavy Duty Truck Driver (HET)

88H Inland Cargo Handling Specialist

2 Combat Tours

1 Two Year Tour to Germany




Good Conduct Medal

5 ARFAM (Army Reserve Good Conduct)

(Four Other Medals Deployment Related)

3 Other Ribbons

Driver's Badger with W/S Devices

LRRP Tab and Badge

Sharpshooter Badge

Soldier For Life Badge

Rank of Sergeant First Class

I Served Under six US Presidents

(From Carter to Obama)

Veterans to Veterans

***There are many people posing as Veterans and they have never served

Time Periods for Vets